Saturday, February 6, 2016

Esmeralda: Inside Look

The Red Balloon was recently invited to a special inside look at Esmeralda's in Cambridge. The shop Esmeralda is the hidden gem of Harvard Square. Conveniently located at 54 Church St., the store offers an array of jewelry, accessories, and more.

The talented designer and owner of the Harvard Square shop is Esmeralda Lambert. Esmeralda hails from a family of entrepreneurs and knew that she too wanted to follow in her family's footsteps. Esmeralda grew up in the Dominican Republic. Esmeralda's first step toward entrepreneurship began when she enrolled at Babson College to complete her MBA. It was there that she met her husband, who is also a major part of the business. Esmeralda's business is very family focused and she credits her family for being supportive and enabling her dream to become a reality. However, making her own dream a reality was not enough for Esmeralda, for she also wanted to help women back in her home country of the Dominican Republic.

Esmeralda employs women from the Dominican Republic to create all of her designs. She provides opportunity for these women to be employed from the comfort of their own home and earn an income. See below one design which Esmeralda calls her, "Oscar piece." This beautiful necklace is one that Esmeralda hopes Sofia Vergara may one day wear to an award ceremony.

Esmeralda's store has a wide array of designs, including more casual pieces. Whether looking for jewelry for a glamorous night out of the town or a piece for daytime wear, Esmeralda's is the place to find it. See more of Esmeralda's designs below.

Esmeralda also features artists, some of which are new and others who have been designing jewelry for many years. She showcases many artists and provides them with opportunities within her shop. In addition, she provides new artists with mentoring and knows first hand that starting out in business is not easy. She shares many of the tips and tools that she has learned first-hand, having been there herself. 

Esmeralda's shop is a unique and beautiful store. Below is one more photo from another artist featured in Esmeralda's in Cambridge. See Esmeralda's first-hand for yourself at 54 Church St. in the heart of Harvard Square.

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